The Cost of NOT Vaccinating

image of lepto patient

“Does my dog really need to get vaccinated?”

You might think that you’re saving a few dollars by not getting your dog vaccinated, but failing to vaccinate can have serious health consequences for your animal companion. Vaccinations protect against potentially deadly diseases such as distemper, canine parvovirus, rabies and feline leukemia virus. Unvaccinated animals may have a higher risk of contracting one or more of these fatal illnesses, which can be passed on to other animals and even humans. Additionally, if an unvaccinated pet becomes infected with one of these viruses, it may be impossible to effectively treat or cure the animal. Therefore, it is essential to vaccinate pets in order to reduce the risk of serious illnesses for both animals and humans.

In addition, unvaccinated animals are at greater risk of developing serious complications from other illnesses due to a weakened immune system. Pets who have not been vaccinated may also be more prone to suffering from parasites, such as heartworms, which can lead to severe health complications and even death.

For these reasons, it is strongly recommended that all pets receive their vaccinations in order to ensure the best health and safety for both animals and people. Vaccinations are typically inexpensive and easy to obtain, making it a simple way to protect your pet from potentially fatal illnesses.

By practicing responsible pet care, including regular vaccinations, you can be sure that your pet is healthy and safe. The risks of not vaccinating pets are simply too great to ignore.