Veterinary Services, Dunedin

Pet Wellness Exams
Prevention is the cure to illness. Pet wellness exams help identify small issues before they become problems.
Skin Disorders
Skin conditions are common in pets and can usually be resolved in a few visits to the vet.
Vet Diagnostics
X-rays, ultrasounds, bloodwork, urinalysis and fecal studies are ways we find the underlying cause of illness.
Veterinary Surgery
Our veterinary doctors perform at the highest level to ensure that your pet heals quickly.
Vet Dentistry
Our veterinarians are skilled in all aspects of animal dentistry, to ensure the highest quality care.
Emergency Care
Any concern about your pet’s health warrants, at minimum, a call to your veterinarian.
Veterinary Orthopedics
Our surgeons treat diseases and injuries of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and other skeletal structures.
Spay/Neuter Clinic
Spaying and neutering is more about GOOD HEALTH than population control.
- February 19, 2023
Google review from Elizabeth Rathbun
"They got us in the next day and were so accommodating and friendly. From the receptionist answering the phone to the lovely folks at the front desk, the warm vet tech and the caring doctor. I can’t say enough about how welcoming, efficient, and kind all of the people were. Highly recommend Dunedin Animal Medical Center!"

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