"The staff at this Clinic are Amazing!

So friendly, caring, and helpful when it came to my emergency with my baby."

- Andrea Carswell

DAMC Client
Oct 27, 2022

Call ButtonCALL (727) 738-2273

Call ButtonCALL (727) 738-2273

"The staff at this Clinic are Amazing!

So friendly, caring, and helpful when it came to my emergency with my baby."

- Andrea Carswell

DAMC Client
Oct 27, 2022

Veterinary Services

Our state-of-the-art facility offers a comprehensive range of veterinary services designed to meet the unique needs of each animal that walks through our doors. From routine check-ups and vaccinations to advanced diagnostics and surgical procedures, our dedicated team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and compassion to provide the highest standard of care.

Pet wellness exams in Dunedin and Clearwater

Prevention is the cure for illness.
Pet wellness exams help identify small issues before they become problems.

rash on dog, rash on cat

Skin conditions are common in pets and can usually be resolved in a few visits to the vet.

cat and dog ultrasound and x-rays

X-rays, ultrasounds, bloodwork, urinalysis and fecal studies are ways we find the underlying cause of illness.

Dunedin, Clearwater, Palm Harbor veterinary surgery

Our veterinary doctors perform at the highest level to ensure that your pet heals quickly.

Dog and cat dentist

Our veterinarians are skilled in all aspects of animal dentistry, to ensure the highest quality care.

Clearwater and Dunedin emergency veterinarian

Any concern about your pet’s health warrants, at minimum, a call to your veterinarian.

image for veterinary orthopedics in Dunedin, Clearwater and Palm Harbor

Our surgeons treat diseases and injuries of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and other skeletal structures.

cat recovering from spay neuter

Spaying and neutering is just as much about GOOD HEALTH as it is about population control.


- FEBRUARY 19, 2023

"They got us in the next day and were so accommodating and friendly. From the receptionist answering the phone to the lovely folks at the front desk, the warm vet tech and the caring doctor. I can’t say enough about how welcoming, efficient, and kind all of the people were. Highly recommend Dunedin Animal Medical Center!"

Brush your dog's teeth

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

February 11, 2020

Start brushing when they’re puppies, and it will be easy when they’re adults.

pharmacy veterinary care

Why We Don’t Work With Online Pharmacies

January 9, 2020

Recently, our Doctors here at DAMC have encountered an increase in FAX requests from what we consider to be questionable online pharmacies.  We do not have the resources to research every pharmacy who sends us a prescription request, to determine if they are in the 3% minority of legitimate (FDA Approved) online pharmacies, or to see if they hold a…

canine teeth cleaning Dunedin Florida

Does my dog need their teeth cleaned? Periodontal Disease

December 17, 2019

Does your dog’s breath smell like rotten tuna in a hot dumpster? It doesn’t have to, and it shouldn’t. In fact, your dog’s breath is a good indicator of their overall health. Most pet owners think that they cannot do anything about their dog’s bad breath and are unsure when their pet’s teeth should be cleaned – if ever. The…

dog watching tv on the couch

Should I leave the TV on for the dog?

December 10, 2019

Many dogs with separation anxiety respond well to radio music or TV noise, so leave the TV on for your dog.

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