Dr. Diana Delgado

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Dr. Diana Delgado

Dentistry, General Practice

Dr. Diana Delgado is a dedicated veterinarian at Dunedin Animal Medical Center, with a specialization in general practice and veterinary dentistry. Since joining the center in the fall of 2015, Dr. Delgado has established herself as a key member of the veterinary team, offering comprehensive care to pets in the Dunedin area and beyond.

Educational Background

Dr. Delgado's journey in veterinary medicine is grounded in a solid educational foundation. She completed her undergraduate and master's degrees at the University of Florida, where she cultivated a deep interest in animal health and welfare. Following her studies in Florida, she pursued and earned her BVM&S (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery) from the prestigious University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Her time in Scotland not only provided her with a rigorous academic experience but also exposed her to diverse veterinary practices and approaches, enriching her perspective on animal care.

Veterinary Dentistry and General Practice

Upon her return to the United States and her entry into Dunedin Animal Medical Center, Dr. Delgado brought with her a keen interest and expertise in veterinary dentistry alongside her general practice responsibilities. Her work in dentistry involves a range of procedures, from routine cleanings and oral health assessments to more complex dental surgeries. Dr. Delgado is particularly attentive to the importance of dental health in overall pet well-being, advocating for regular dental check-ups and care to prevent common dental issues and diseases.

In her general practice role, Dr. Delgado provides a broad spectrum of care, encompassing preventive health, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and routine wellness checks. Her comprehensive approach ensures that each pet receives tailored care that addresses both immediate health concerns and long-term wellness.

Personal Interests and Community Connection

Dr. Delgado's connection to the Dunedin community extends beyond her professional role. Growing up in Tampa Bay, she has a deep appreciation for Florida's unique natural environment and cultural heritage. Her personal interests, including traveling, nature, photography, and outdoor adventures, allow her to explore and connect with the community and its surroundings. Dunedin, with its strong Scottish heritage, holds a special place in Dr. Delgado's heart, reminding her of her transformative years in veterinary school in Scotland.


Dr. Diana Delgado's blend of expertise in veterinary dentistry and general practice, combined with her personal connection to the community and her passion for animal care, makes her a valued member of the Dunedin Animal Medical Center team. Her commitment to comprehensive pet care, grounded in a strong educational background and enhanced by her personal interests, contributes significantly to the health and happiness of the pets she serves.