How to Kill Fleas on Puppies

How to Kill Fleas on Puppies

If a dog has fleas, then fleas will most certainly infect the puppies, as soon as they are born. This can be detrimental to the puppies and the mother, since fleas can carry tapeworm larvae or babies. If a puppy swallows a flea…


WHY DO DOGS NEED DENTAL X-RAYS Dogs need dental x-rays for the same reason people need dental x-rays: To discover what is hidden from view. Pets cannot say “Hey Doc it hurts right over here”. Veterinarians must just stumble-upon a pet’s dental disease, sometimes with very little help from the patient. However, it is much

senior dog and veterinary pet care in Dunedin, Clearwater and Palm Harbor

Senior Dog Health

Just as elderly people need to be aware of health issues and visit their doctors more often, aging pets benefit from more frequent visits.

Bone Loss, and the argument for teeth cleaning

For a large part of the human population, cleaning of their pet’s teeth is considered a luxury.   It’s assumed that toys and treats can replace the need for regularly scheduled & routine maintenance, performed by a veterinary professional. Bone loss is something that nobody considers when they think about dental health. Pet owners consider cavities

Dog Dentist, Cat Dentist

At DAMC we have specialist veterinarians who focus on every area of your pet’s health. We have veterinarians who specialize in you pet’s teeth!

Bladder Stones in Dogs & Cats

Bladder stones in dogs and cats are more common than many pet owners are willing to accept.  However, there are things you can do to prevent them… or prevent them from returning. Most owners never suspect that their pet has bladder stones.  If they suspect a medical issue, the first thought is urinary tract infection. 

Fully Engorged Tick, after 2 weeks

This fully engorged tick was found on a dog and fell off. It was put in a ziplock bag for two weeks. It’s been in the bag for 2 weeks

The Pain of Losing a Pet

THE PAIN OF LOSING A PET For many people today, their pet is the most important being in their lives. No value can be given for the unconditional love that they give us. Nothing is better than knowing that someone will always be happy to see you, when you arrive home. They impatiently wait for